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About Me

I'm a Data Scientist who is passionate about data science and analytics. My background is in Economics and Statistics. While in grad school, I became really interested in Time Series analysis and wrote my master's thesis on causality testing which can be found here. These days you can find me working on a variety of data science applications in insurance.

The reason for starting this blog is to share things that I've learned. I'm planning on posting various tutorials which I hope readers will find helpful. Some of them may be more suitable for beginners while others would cover more complex concepts. To be true to my blog's name, I will explore various data sources and post my take on visualizing/analyzing them. From time to time, I will also post miscellaneous things, such as my rambling, links to articles/posts I found helpful and so on.

Besides data science, I love to spend free time with my cat, CrossFit and travelling the world.

I'm still very new to web development, so for now this is just a static web site that doesn't support commenting, but as I'm learning more about webdev, I'm sure eventually it will have a powerful server side as well. For now, if you'd like to leave a comment or reach out, messaging on LinkedIn would be the best.

I hope you enjoy my Data Science blog!